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Volume-2 Issue-2: Published on December 20, 2016
Volume-2 Issue-2: Published on December 20, 2016

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Volume-2 Issue-2, December 2016, ISSN: 2394-367X (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication Pvt. Ltd. 

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Syamsuddin, Bambang Setiaji, Wega Trisunaryanti, Dan Harno Dwi Pranowo

Paper Title:

Characterization Methil Ester Sulfonate (MES) from Coconut Oil

Abstract: Characterization methyl ester sulfonate of coconut oil has been done. In this research the characterization of methyl ester sulfonat (MES) that were observed include the influence of the ratio of moles of reactant against MES, viscosity influence reaction time against MES, viscosity ratio of moles of a reactant influence against the density of MES and the influence of the reaction time toward the density of MES. The measurement is carried out using equipment viscometer Brookfield and Density Meter DMA 4500M. The results showed that the condition of the production process of methyl ester surfactant sulfonat shows that the best conditions reached a ratio of moles of reactant 1:1.4; at long reaction 4.5 hours, viscosity  30.42  cP and density 0.9866 g/cm3.

 Characterization, sulfonate (MES), DMA 4500M, Brookfield, ratio, reactant 1:1.4;


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